Campaigns are at the heart of the Awareness Program. They are where members team up to plan coordinated activities. Each campaign has its own goals and deliverables to be produced when the campaign executes. Each campaign defines its own campaign strategy. Campaigns are less abstract concept than a campaign themes, and they can be short-lived, only executing to produce their deliverables and then finish.

In addition to the Campaigns displayed in this page, additional campaign proposals may be found in the Issue Tracker of the Github repository associated with the Awareness Program.

Every Humane Tech Community member can suggest new Campaigns by posting in the Awareness program.


Campaign Theme Discussion Description
Phone Zombies Speak Easy forum Anchoring the term “Phone Zombies” in common language.
Reality Shock Mankind 2.0 forum Using short, dramatic video’s to shock people into awareness.
Computer Says No Speak Easy forum Little Britain’s famous meme, but with a Humane Tech twist.
Don’t Count On Me Resocialized Media forum We don’t need those Social Media metrics to socialize.
Mind of cards Gamification forum Gamification to spread Humane Tech concepts.

In progress

Campaign Theme Discussion Description
Aware Prepare Dogfooding forum Growth hacking the community and Awareness Program.
Eventful Dogfooding forum Foster a vibrant meetup culture, organize exciting events.
Wiki Reach Dogfooding forum Let’s spread our Humane Tech message on Wikipedia.
Goodies Dogfooding forum Promotional materials for the Humane Tech Community.
Harmful UI Resocialized Media proposal, forum Harmful UI building blocks.
Explain it visually TODO proposal, forum Short explainer videos.


Currently no Campaigns have run to their conclusion.