"Dogfooding" campaign theme



Using the Awareness Program campaigns to strengthen our own community and projects. Campaigns within this theme help drive community engagement.


  • Community building
  • Growth hacking
  • Volunteering & ‘recruitment’
  • Continuous improvement


  • Build the community using well-prepared strategies that follow community-building best-practices

  • Grow the community, with the focus on active participation and solution-oriented approaches

  • Safeguard healthy growth and managability by applying continuous improvement best-practices


Dogfooding - a common term used in tech circles - or ‘Eating your own dog food’ simply means that you use your own product yourself (see also: Wikipedia). In this case it means, building the Awareness Campaigns project, as well as the Humane Tech Community itself, using campaigns.

Both the Awareness Campaigns project and the community at large are crowdsourced initiatives. There is no limit to the ideas we can produce, and the initiatives we can start. That is, provided that we have the capability to dream them up, and then follow-up to execute them. We need strength in numbers.

And here there is also no limit to the people who can participate, provided that all our initiatives are still manageable and that our mission and vision are first and foremost kept into focus.

We need skilled campaigners, marketeers, graphics artists, web and user experience designers, behavioral scientists, experts in any humane tech field: healthcare, privacy, education, childcare, sociology, etc. etc.

The target audience of this theme therefore are activists, volunteers, people with all kinds of backgrounds and expertise, who are worried about current tech trends, and are ready to ‘roll up their sleeves’ and get to work. To help affect change, and improve our society.

This theme is about raising the awareness with these people:

  • To let them know that we exist and why.
  • That we are a positive and solutions-oriented bunch.
  • That they can be a part of our movement, be a player.
  • That they can grow their roles, if they have the ambition and grit to do so.
  • That we will help them in their growth, because we are a team.
  • That active participation is both fun and rewarding.


  • TODO At the theme level we’ll provide the general guidelines and principles that drive the community.



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