All the projects that are facilitated by the Humane Tech Community. Every member can suggest new projects on the community forum by posting their ideas to the Solutions program forum category.

Current projects

Project Status Description
Awesome Humane Technology Active This curated list focuses on (mostly open-source) projects and resources that are directly related to humane technology topics.
Hotfix Libray Planned The Harms of Technology Fixes project - a pattern library - also simply called Hotfix, is a crowdsourced library of Harm Mitigation Patterns containing design patterns for common Harms of Technology.

Project ideas

We will move all our interesting ideas from our Discussion Forum to a dedicated Community Building repository. For a quick overview of (just some of) our ideas, see this for now:

Note: We have plenty of ideas at the Humane Tech Community. Many of these may be turned into true projects. Whether that happens depends on member interest and activity.