"Mankind 2.0" campaign theme



Raising awareness of the impact of technology on our society by producing unsettling or jarring experiences resulting from a wide disparity between what was expected and what the real situation turns out to be.


  • Smartphone addiction
  • Social media addiction
  • Privacy
  • Social credits
  • (More to come; all ‘Harms of Technology’ apply)


  • Shock the audience

  • Lead to introspection and questioning

  • Make the audience think and reach their own conclusions

  • Provoke, rather than convince


This theme is based on the following principles:

  • Not to push a certain agenda, or lecture the target audience
  • Instead, provoke introspection and lead the audience to reach their own conclusions as to whether they are comfortable with the impact of such and such aspect of technology on their lives
  • Acknowledge that we have become a very different society in a very short time and ask the question: “Should we consider this more carefully?”


  • This theme does not require a high-level strategy. Strategies can be found on individual campaigns.


  • Reality Shock - Using short, dramatic video’s to shock people into awareness


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