"Speak Easy" campaign theme



Raising awareness by introducing and popularizing new urban language. Brainstorming for terminology to be inject into our day-to-day conversations through smart campaigns and social media memes.


  • Cultural change
  • Social consciousness
  • Public opinion & pressure
  • Behavior & habits
  • (Internet) memes


  • Promote widespread adoption of new language terms designed to improve bad tech habits.

  • Create an ongoing process of finding and launching new terminology and memes.


Words have immense power. Language is our common medium and determines how we understand each other. Memes are like words, but then in the form of imagery that sticks to our mind. Together they can change our perception.

In this theme we’ll execute campaigns to wield this power, to change minds and perceptions. To influence subconsciously. By strategically introducing and promoting both language and memes we will change how people look at their tech gadgets and the way they are using it.

The first campaign - and the proof-of-concept - promotes a term that already exists, in a way: The rise of the Phone Zombie.. the person that is standing next to you, yet is not really there. We will reinforce this term and the image that comes with it, so people will be ashamed when they are called that name, take care to avoid the risk of being perceived as one: a Phone Zombie.

Urban Dictionary candidates

This terminology and memes may become part of an Urban Dictionary the community will maintain.


Term Description Submitter
Phone Zombie Walking slowly without attention to surroundings, absorbed in smartphone @aschrijver
Phubbing The habit of snubbing someone in favour of a mobile phone @healthyswimmer
Nomophobia The phobia of being out of cellular phone contact @healthyswimmer
Digital Pouting Put headphone on, plug in the internet, when don’t get your way. (Note: There are more terms on the linked page, like “Selfitis”) @healthyswimmer
Do it for the Gram Do things in your life so you can take pictures and show off on instagram. @Georges
Road Blocker Someone that blocks the street, an entrance, or an escalator because he/she is staring into their smartphone and forgets their surroundings. @healthyswimmer
Ghosting The phenomenon that on social media, especially dating sites, people suddenly break off their conversation and do not respond any more @aschrijver


Term Description Submitter
Computer Says No Little Britain’s expression, but with a Humane Tech twist. @aschrijver
Tech Vader Using Star Wars for Humane Tech on the workfloor of IT companies @aschrijver


  • This theme has a social media strategy that obviates much of individual campaign strategies (TODO)


  • Phone Zombies - Tracking the rise (and facilitating the fall) of the Phone Zombie
  • Computer Says No - Little Britain’s meme, but with a Humane Tech twist
  • Urban Dictionary - (TODO) Website where all language terms and memes are presented