"Reality Shock" campaign



Series of short, dramatic/impactful videos that illustrate the pervasive use of technology and rapid, drastic changes in our society, leading to introspection and pondering the question: “Are we really fine with this?”


  • Shock the audience

  • Lead to introspection and questioning

  • Make the audience think and reach their own conclusions

  • Provoke, rather than convince


  • All ages from 16

Success criteria

  • Number of views/hits
  • Measure of positive impact to be defined (e.g. percentage of “likes”, comments from viewers)


  • No retrospective has been held yet. The first retrospective is planned at [retrospective date].


Argumentation, reasoning and “lectures” only go so far, hence the pressing need to first trigger an “emotional” response.

The campaign will feature short videos (2-3 minutes each) that aim to be dramatic and impactful through the combined use of words, cinematography and music.

It does not aim to explicitly pursue a specific agenda, push on the audience a clear message, or impose a “lecture”. Rather, it aims to provoke introspection by telling provocative stories, the conclusions of which are left to the audience.

Why is it important to adopt a “neutral” approach based on providing factual observations in a spectacular and dramatic form? Because this campaign is based on the principle that we will not change our behaviors on the mere basis of facts and reason if we have no motivation to challenge our thinking in the first place and take a step back from our habits. The dramatic videos aim to shock and leave a strong impression that ideally will lead to wondering where each of us stands in all this.


Video: “Memories of a bartender”

Video: “Caffeine Injection”

Video: “Dirty laundry”


  • This campaign does not require a strategy. Strategy is defined on the Theme, or in Deliverables.


  • Funding may be required to produce deliverables, on a case by case basis.


  • Originate and finalize video concepts
  • Decide on production strategy for each particular video as soon as its concept is finalized
  • Secure funding: Github issue
  • Produce video in-house (crowdsourcing) or by visual arts academies or professional studios: Github issue
  • Distribution through all networks and platforms


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