Campaign deliverables


Campaign deliverables are the outputs of the various Campaigns that are run by the Humane Tech Community. A Deliverable can be anything: A T-Shirt, Documentation, Blog posts, Video, Slide decks, etcetera.

Current deliverables

Deliverable Type Status Campaign Description
I’m here now T-Shirt Idea Goodies T-shirt design that makes people aware how they are absorbed in their smartphone.
Memories of a Bartender Video Idea Reality Shock Short video about the evolution of social relations in a shared space (a bar).
Caffeine Injection Video Idea Reality Shock Short video depicting the rapid and drastic growth in smartphone addiction.
Dirty Laundry Video Idea Reality Shock Short video showing someone experiencing the violent aftermath of a severe data breach.
Harmful UI Pictures Idea Harmful UI Infographics about harmful UI design.
Mind of cards Game Idea Mind of cards Game to learn and discover mental biases.