Campaign themes


Every campaign has a Theme and themes can have multiple campaigns. Themes have high-level, long-term objectives to be attained by execution of their related Campaigns. Hence they are long-lived and determine the focus and scope of the campaigns that adhere to the theme.

Every Humane Tech Community member can suggest new Themes by posting in the Awareness program.

Current themes

Theme Discussion Description
Dogfooding forum Using campaigns to strengthen our projects and community.

Planned themes

Theme Discussion Description
Mankind 2.0 forum Raising awareness of the impact of technology on our society.
Speak Easy forum Introducing language to change habits and culture.
Tech Wise forum Promoting prudent technology use in child education.
Digi Rights forum Applying fundamental Human Rights to the Digital Realm.

Proposed themes

Theme Discussion Description
Resocialized Media proposal, forum Re-engineer the social values, beliefs and norms of Social Media.