We focus on eradicating Harms of Technology

Pyramid of Wellbeing

Pyramid of Wellbeing

How is it possible that so much technology affects us negatively, erodes our social skills? Let’s focus on the tech and healthy habits that improve our overall wellbeing. Technology as enabler of a happier life.


Pyramid of Freedom

Pyramid of Freedom

The advent of the internet promised us great freedom of expression, yet now technology poses the biggest threat to us being free. Let’s turn that tide. Technology should allow people to flourish.


Pyramid of Society

Pyramid of Society

Social media and the internet could be the binding force of our society, yet it is driving us apart. Let’s improve how we interact together. Inclusive access, protection. A safe space where humanity can thrive.


  Humane Tech is technology that is responsive to how humans learn, think, and create and thrive  

Ohio State University, humanetechosu.org

Pyramid of Alignment

Pyramid of Technology Alignment

Tim Berners-Lee envisioned the web as a decentralized medium based on open standards that would allow everyone equal access to humanity’s great wealth and knowledge. Dominant players, centralized walled gardens, and technology that does us harm have thwarted this vision. How do we get human-scale technology back? The solutions exist, and we must discover and adopt them, so we can evolve into the digital realm.

Technology alignment

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  Facing unprecedented challenges, we can choose to remain open to possibility and creativity—not mired in despair.
We can create and enthusiastically share
a solutions story today, every day.
It is a revolutionary act.  

Frances Moore Lappe, Activist

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