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  Humane Tech is technology that is responsive to how humans learn, think, and create and thrive  

Ohio State University, humanetechosu.org


Cultural Awakening

Our campaigns inform the public about the dangers and harms that come with modern technology, and we highlight solutions that already exist, and those we must find.


fully responsive

Public Pressure

Awareness leads to change in public opinion, and people applying political pressure, so that governments create law and regulations that protect us.


100% free

Engage Employees

By reaching out to the workfloor, to the companies and employees who are inventing our future technologies, we’ll help them create what is best for humanity.



Apply Humane Technology

Our ever growing community of professionals, experts, scientists, people from all walks of life, is crowdsourcing a huge body of knowledge and experience about how to implement technology in better ways. To make it more humane.
The best-practices, design patterns and work methods we collect, are continuously improved, and can be applied by everyone.


  Facing unprecedented challenges, we can choose to remain open to possibility and creativity—not mired in despair.  

Frances Moore Lappe, Activist

  We can create and enthusiastically share
a solutions story today, every day.
It is a revolutionary act.  

Frances Moore Lappe, Activist

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