"Aware Prepare" campaign strategy


  • Community building: Boost forum activity and find new members
  • Campaigners team building: Find new team members that are willing to contribute
  • Streamline onboarding: Make it easy for members to join both community and campaigners team

Activity planning

Activities to do once in a while on the forum:

  • Direct message to reach all those who have become inactive over time

  • Reach out to the members who have introduced themselves

    • Divide the list among campaigners team
    • Approach, asking for interest in participating in Awareness Campaigns

Social media channels

The social media channels involved in the campaign are listed below.



  • HTC Linkeding group (you have to ask permission to join)

  • For sharing announcements about the community and ongoing project activities.
  • For direct approaches to connections in the personal networks of members.
  • For commenting on publications in the news feed and mentioning links to the forum or our projects.