"Digi Rights" campaign theme



Using the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as our guideline to define our Digital Rights and lay the foundation for new laws and law enforcement tools.


  • Human Rights
  • Digital Rights
  • Advocacy
  • Internet Regulations


  • Create awareness of the implications of new (internet) technology to our fundamental Human Rights.

  • Show how the articles of the Human Rights Declaration apply to the digital realm.

  • Translate Human Rights articles to texts that directly relate to Digital Rights.

  • Use the Digital Human Rights articles we create as promotional texts for advocay, input to lawmakers.


We spend way to much time staring at our screens, be it on smartphones or laptops. This has serious consequences for our health. People develop sleep disorders, eyestrain and even blindness, and a humpback neck.

A little more awareness of our behavior could already do wonders, and there are many easy to apply exercises and tips to change habits and behavior and alleviate problems before they occur.


  • Campaigns within this theme do not serve to create actual human rights amendments, but rather as marketing and promotion of more targeted advocacy projects, and to steer focused discussions.



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