New HTC podcast series

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In March of this year, I started corresponding with new HTC member Gokulakrishna Sudharsan. We discovered we had similar interests and became friends. One result of this was a decision to work on a podcast that would share Gokul’s interest in Free as in Libre/open source software with HTC’s membership and the world beyond.

The conversation that is the basis of the podcast took place in late June on Gokul helped me with the initial edit, provided the list of references, and transcribed most of the recording. Michele Minno added the text about the forum that I read at the beginning, provided the guitar music, and edited the recording to make it listener worthy. It was a team effort that took about a month.

This project expresses two of HTC’s main characteristics: to work for the social good; and to educate and teach people to use technology wisely. It’s been my great pleasure to work with Gokul and Michele, and I hope that many others will benefit from our efforts.


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